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LifeFlow® Delta Pack Downloads

LifeFlow® 3 (Deep Delta State)

The delta brainwave states occur within the “dreamless sleep stage” of a healthy sleep cycle where major recuperation takes place.

Becoming familiar and comfortable with the theta states builds the foundation for you to consciously experience the deepest meditative states with greatly reduced thoughts.

Within delta you produce large quantities of HGH (human growth hormones) for optimum health, vitality and longevity.

LifeFlow® 2 (Deeper Delta State)

As you become comfortable and familiar with the deep recuperating delta levels, you continue to produce HGH and Melatonin…

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland and helps to create restful sleep. The inability to sleep soundly can dramatically decrease the quality of your life and greatly speed up the aging process. The production of this important hormone rapidly declines with age.

Melatonin passes through cell membranes and acts as a highly potent antioxidant to scavenge free radicals that cause damage to DNA, Reiter (1995). Melatonin also enhances sleep and boosts the immune system.

LifeFlow® 1 (Deepest Delta State)

Now, it will be self evident that the LifeFlow® entrainment tracks are progressive in the sense that you need familiarity with every level so that you can gradually make the transition to and experience the most benefits from each deeper state. You will now be able to experience the conscious state of the deepest delta level where deep recuperation and healing takes place.

Having become proficient at entering into meditation at the various levels, you are now in a position to go back and more fully explore all those levels in detail, again, and again, and again… There will always be a need to immerse yourself somewhere in those Alpha, Theta and Delta states, and the LifeFlow® tracks will consistently help you do just that… Now you have a lifelong aid.

Don't Forget Your Bonuses...

FREE Bonus - Awaken Gamma Track
Get Smarter at the Push of a Button

Exciting New Gamma Tracks.

You'll love the ecstatic states of consciousness experienced with the new Nirvana and Awaken tracks.

The huge demand for these tracks is due to the fact that something very unusual occurs at 40 Hz which works extremely well for relaxation, meditation, creativity, study and stress reduction etc. It really is the frequency known as the "Jack of all trades" and has had great success in dealing with conditions such as ADD.

FREE Bonus - Nirvana Gamma Track
Enter a Flow State of Ideas and Creativity Instantly

Heighten Your Awareness, Expand Your Consciousness, Deepen Your Spiritual Connection and much more.

Once you've progressed through the previous LifeFlow tracks, you will be ready to experience a state of meditation that is so pleasurable, so calm and still, yet filled with sensations that are often difficult to describe to anyone who has never experienced it.

LifeFlow® Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconDo I have to listen to the whole 40 minutes?

    Each LifeFlow® track is 40 minutes, beginning and ending at the same frequency so you can reach your targeted brainwave state and rest there for the time you decide suits your personal lifestyle. You may feel that a few minutes a day is all that you want or have time for, still you have the option to meditate or relax for longer if you prefer or time allows.

  • q-iconDo I have to meditate to get results?

    Meditation is only one activity that may be enhanced by brainwave entrainment. Meditation has its own unique benefits, still, listening to entrainment while simply relaxing can enhance your experience of relaxation which, in turn, can enhance your sense of well-being, reduce stress, improve immune system function and have a host of other beneficial effects.

  • q-iconDo I need to use headphones with LifeFlow®?

    Monaural and Isochronic waves do not require headphones to work. And when used over open speakers, you gain the added benefit of their sound waves penetrating your entire body (not just your ears).

    So whether or not you use headphones, Instant Tri-Wave Technology provides superior results over any other type of entrainment product.

  • q-iconHow do you know when to move on to the next level?

    Once you become comfortable and familiar with LifeFlow® 10 and begin to experience benefits in your daily life (Feeling calmer etc.) you will be ready to move onto the next lower frequency. We recommend you stay with each level for at least 30 days, though some prefer longer.

    Each level of LifeFlow® will guide you gently and naturally into an extremely beneficial brainwave state that builds a solid foundation for the next deeper level. Each step is equally interesting, equally unique and equally valuable.