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Classical Magic - A 65-minute Audio Download
The Lazy Way to Inner Peace, Happiness and Boundless Enthusiasm for Life

This collection contains 13 of the most prized Classical Music pieces from 6 of the most highly sought classical artists from the Baroque era. Plus, the entire audio contains the precise 7.83Hz entrainment frequency of the Schumann Resonance (the earth's natural frequency) scientifically proven to help decrease the dangerous effects of electromagnetic pollution.

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Peace & Harmony
30-minute Audio Track (Download)

We took our most popular audio track of all time, and decided to release it as an extended, "Industrial Strength" version. Until now, this track has only been available as a track with compressed, lower-quality audio. Now, for the first time ever, you can be among the first to pleasure your ears and mind with the fully-enhanced CD-sound-quality of the new Peace & Harmony! This upgraded quality means you'll experience deeper meditative benefits to a far greater degree.
A $77 value—yours free.

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A Perfect Day
Three 20-minute Audio Tracks (Download)

  1. Midday Warmth (Deep 8Hz Brainwave Entrainment frequency)
  2. Afternoon Lake (Deeper 6Hz Brainwave Entrainment frequency)
  3. Dusk Rainstorm (Deepest 4Hz Brainwave Entrainment frequency)

Each track offers a different sound scape that places you directly in the middle of Mother Nature's canvas of soothing sounds. For 20 minutes, you are taken to another place. A place without cares. No worries, no deadlines... and zero stress!

$97 value—yours free.